Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Issb........, I didnt get selected...!

yaar blog, I know that I have that substance in me,
one way or the other I will reach the point I want to reach
ok, I cried alot on this,
coz I know that I wanted it, and I deserved it like hell
but mene kb dua ki thi k God give me this.......!
I always said
"Allah give me what I want and what is better for me."
So maybe I have something better enstored for me

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


People torture, but more do their memories

biggy big......... [mood :- cracked headed]

Big things happen,

.........................But smaller make them do.......!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Age matters...........!

She was the oldest 26 year-old, I heard.....!

Do tell everybody [ she included], that I am the oldest 18 year-old.....!

A test or a trip.......!

well, ISSB, what about it.......!

At first I said .........
such a long story...., and who would write/type/pen/keyboard down all that.......!

but on second thoughts, such a hilarious experience it was..., one has to record it down, for future remembrance.....!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I grin......

I forgive things, but who said that I forget them

Sunday, July 19, 2009

leaving without a jet plane, on a coaster perhaps.!

blog, ja rhi hun, kal mai...!
Issb par...!

sari bethi hun, abhi packing waghera sab, prha bhi khaaas nhi..!
Aur ghar walon friends se paanch din door,
taqreeban sab ajnabi log...!

I am not a crying baby, but ese hi udaasi he kuch...!

And Now I add to the post... [ its 12 in the afternoon, just one day to go]
udaasi had se sawa he....,
being out of contact with , what I ccall my total world, for five days.....!
I am really not liking the idea
:sadness creeping in.....!

cheese.....! :grin

I feel healthy you knw
a bit pissed off, for some bad comments I got..., but otherwise allright!

yaar blog, you know that I have stopped caring about stupid stuff people have to say
but one does get sensitive,
when he is so told to be a thing, that he has taken so much pains not to be....!

My mom qoutes a shair often

Go zara si baat par barson k yarane gaye
lekin itna to hua, kuch log pehchane gaye

aur iss case mai, lor hi ko nhi ji..! ;grin

I am coming over things early..., Right...,
Good girl aint I ..?

HEY LISTEN BLOG.......! I hate diplomatic games....! [bhrrrrrrrr]

Friday, July 17, 2009

I call out for you................!

Well, I used to have readers,
was not that sooo, blog...?

so where are you ppl,
you used to visit me often,
but nowwwwwwwwwww,
maybe you passby, but never a call..., never a knock, never a tête-à-tête,
never a sentence or two, out of your busy head..!

But you are busy, I see, or maybe you dont care..!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thankyou my Allah, thakyou my God...!

do thank your God....,
we should thank Him.

kal soch rhi thi k kitna karam he Allah saein ka,
k above all,
agar hum gire bhi to ussne hmare liye sambhalne wale rakh chore.
jald ya badair hamen ese logon ka saath mila, jinhon ne zakhmon par marham rakha aur zehr ka tiryaaq kia.
wrna marna kuch esa mushkil bhi to nhi...!

Paul coelho ki baat bhulaye nhi bhoolti.
I,ll accept the zahir and will let it lead me into a state of either holiness or madness.

mai unn logon k bare mai soch rhi thi,
jo gire honge, thokar kha gaye honge, uthne ki sakkat na hogi,
hath phele honge, aur thamne wala hath na hoga.
tanhai si tanhai hogi.

Hum itne ache haalon mai hen blog k kia kahun....!

Rabba saein tera bhti karam ae...!

Why is it so...?

zameen se aasmaan tak ka safar bht khoobsurat hota he
magar aasman se zameen ka......?

manzar to sab wahi hote hen
order reverse ho jata he srf,
aur ye baat hum insanon k palle nhi parti
zehn catch nhi kr pata ye haqeeqat

upar jate huay bnde ki nazar srf manzil ki taraf hoti he
magar neeche girte waqt sab oar nazar hoti he
sab dikh jata he
jo hota he wo bhi
aur jo nhi hota wo bhi...!

esa kion blog...?


Its such a nice feeling to see people coming on your blog from places
even you dont know name of.
Even though you ppl never comment, [ which I really want to]
but still feedjit is a nice thing, It always tell me whenever you come.

It actually feels nice.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

An addition to my realization box

I learned that
khud ko turram khan samajhne wale, awal darje k gdhe hote hen
and That I am the biggest example
no jokes.....!

blog dear, until, yamna herself, start working for herself,
she is not worth a penny.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

going on,s ................, turn offs

I ve recieved my ISSB call,
am waiting for baba,s call,

now he,ll call and ask me
sifarish karun
and I will say no

[ but no, he wont even ask, he would tell.....]

that , that and that are his contacts and I,ll be surpassing the world using his personal contacts, what rubbish...!

[ still, I am happy, atleast he,s asking... ;grin]

and when I,ll tell him that No, I dont need his assistance
and fortunately, when, I ,ll fail this crap buisnes...,
He,ll be thr, with his lot.... thumbs down-ing.

haaa, nice Imagination..., Right...!