Monday, August 31, 2009

CUT IT...!

ACTUALLY using internet less,
I am not pretending....,
.....................................SO SHUT UP BLOG....!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

money, money... :grin

Trying to have a part time job...,
having an interview tomorrow.
Wish me luck....!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

hum ese saada dilon ki niazmadi se.....

blog dear,
bnde ka jab ji uth jaye, har uss cheez pe se, jis pe usska Eeeman tha...,

wo kia kre....,

mera dil nhi krta jeene ko,

ye dunya to meri soch se bhi buri he...!

mai kese jeoungi inn sab logon k saath?
mar mar k...?


mjhe pata he I,ll get out of this

but at the moment I am very hurt and very unsure...!


sachai ka parchaar krne wale nawe feesad log awal darje k jhoote aur zaleel hote hen....

baqi das feesad jhoote ban rhe hote hen aur zaleel kiye ja rhay hote hen...!
The day was so bad...
I am on the end of my nerves

one of the worst days ever.............!
dunya pe se aetbaar uth jaye yakdam to bnda jhala hi phirta he....!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Why I am so unfeeling today.....?
ajab safaki he mizaaj mai...

maybe I know the answer

Sunday, August 16, 2009

thanks old buddies...,

At a time when it costs 60 paisas per 30 seconds,
and 2.5rs per hour at nights

here you are, who never calls,
and are indifferent to my life and death...!

It feels nice...!

years have past by
you are out of contact...,
have heard nothing directly from your side,

God knows, you come online at what time.....!

finally, she went off ... but for good I hope...!

hadia got married,
she is happy,
a positive plus to my otherwise low life.....!

and she was looking a princess of dunno what place.......!
she is such a child, such a child.....,
I am an elder sister of many older people.
bachi he meri,
she was acting wild on her rukhsati day,
and was looking so cute...

video is with warda,
dunno when she,ll give it to me.....!

love you hadia........!


I am feeling the unfeeling of people...,

insensitivity has a high population rate...!

money matters....1

I didnt had to go to Afriqa in search of hunger and death.

There is just a road and a high wall between....!

Monday, August 10, 2009

They come quite frequent.., I wonder why?

Such unabashed visitors breaths are,
kept coming when they knew how weary of them I am....!!!

There have been times, when they just peeped in,
and considered stepping in,,,,,,,,
but have never stopped coming altogether....!

I dont know whether to be grateful or not..!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


The realization that sooner or later I would be the loneliest person,
on the planet earth is eating me away .....!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

hadia,s nikah today

well, getting married at an early age, yup she is.....!

Apart from all the pros and all the cons [ usually told] , which keep exchanging their places,
with the variation of the perfect marrying age, and blah blah.....!
[ as per anybody and anybody thinks...! ]

What I thought was that marrying at an early age certainly has a charm,
which I and some of my other friends wont be enjoying, if we ever ever planned to get married....!

For marrying at that point of life would be such an OBVIOUS thing, especially,
with one friend holding her three kids at your one side
and the second holding her four at your other.

nothing unusual..., Dahhhhhhhh....!

[ as per a faavourite drama dialogue says]

hadia was not looking a darling, she was looking more than that
eagerly signing her nikah papers,
laughing like a toad
[ mind my eyes]

and making those faces
eating like a hippo
and looking like a barbie.!

I told you to mind my eyes, they see wierdly
Publish Post
Soon she would be off to her new home
GOD BLESS HER,and may all her wishes be fulfilled...!

clock minds its minutes..!

khandraat aur imarat mai farq mehez waqt ka hota he.......!
har shaks, qoum aur cheez ka aik waqt hota he,
kamyaab aur azeem bas wahi shay hoti he, jo usss waqt ko pehchaan le, aur uska bharpoor istamaal kre....!

resonance frequency pehchaan le jo apni,
kionk agay peeche to sab bekaar he,
waqt srf wahi he..., moqaa srf wahi he.....!

and when you get that special minute, just make sure to fill it with sixty worthy seconds...!