Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Live and Let others live .....!

My office was closed for three days on the basis of you can well assume what.
And when I was coming here today, I was told by a fellow passenger that my office is situated in a building very likely to be BOMBED away.

I am fed-up of things...,
specially of people who message me and tell me that today this and that place is likely to be blown away and in this much hours...!
[usually containing the name of the place my office is situated in]
Come on...!

I fear half of the Pakistani population is in ISI....!
God help you.

Guys things are already too worse to need your help in further worsening.
Get a life....!


Anonymous said...

this is there life.

a) they r living bomb blasts

b) worsening others life is our bestr quality. We all are good at that.

Y@mna rehman khan...! said...

aqal ka istamaal jurm he eson k han