Friday, November 13, 2009

I miss the sun we shared.

Warda ikram, Hadia Ameen, Summaiya Ali,
sitting under the sun ,
I am here missing you people and the Sun that we used to share.
Sun is shining the usual way but neither Am I sitting on the grassy patch of our college garden nor I have you people by my side.

I miss the achar paratha that we used to eat,
[believe me it doesn't tastes least bit good when you people are not around]

I miss the bad jokes that I can crack only in Sumi,s presence.
I have never been so interested in talking about bad stuff but she.... argh
Now I am a bad girl ;)
Thanx to you.

I miss all those badminton matches between me and my dear hadi.
And that stupid and [nahoosat bhari] commentary of Warda ikram and Summiya Ali.
we would have used our rackets more on them than the poor shuttle.

I miss those taxi rides when I and Warda used to jump off without paying the fare
and Sumi and Hadi were left to give whole of the rent.

I just cant bring it into imagination that Warda would be attending her classes alone
[ and damn me its more of the fact that I am not there with her and some other people would be, than the feeling that she is attending her classes alone. I am such a jealous and possessive soul.]

Hi, to my coming nieces and nephews
[chchch sumi and hadi (lately married)]


Amna Amjad said...

bas yaadien yaadien yadien reh jati hain :)
i feel teh same for some of my friends....
ye doorie pata nahi kio ati hain???

Y@mna rehman khan...! said...

its time and circumstances.

Y@mna rehman khan...! said...

its time and circumstances.

rizwan said...

may i know about ur latest status?
wats u doing mow a days?
do tell me
wat kind of job u doing?

Y@mna rehman khan...! said...

nothing special that I am doing.
On the note of what kind of job I am doing I can tell that I have been appointed as a content writer.