Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I sit, wonder and cry...!

life draws out all the pieces, and when by chance and fate these pieces of jigsaw join, the picture made is so incomprehensible that one wonders at the turns life took.
The spaces between "all that we were" and "all that we are" are so well filled and everything has such a good excuse to happen that one just cant help but sit bewildered.

Life is a bad thing, it goes round and round and you meet the same people on every corner and yet you know that you have traveled miles and centuries. Days pass and nights pass, and eventually you pass away, but all you remember meeting is blockages, walls, turn-abouts, round-abouts and people shouting that you are nothing and will remain to be nothing.

Yet one crosses all mazes and at-least once in his lifetime finds a destination, and then finds that it was not but a milestone.


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